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Super Good Super Food for the Super Bowl* (*especially for your pets!)

Super Good!

  Try this tantalizing treat for your cats and dogs – it’s easy and they’ll love you for it!  SUPER GOOD SUPER FOOD FOR THE SUPER BOWL* *especially for your pets! Gather: 1 can wild Alaskan salmon 1 organic egg (local, pastured?  Even better!) 1 TBSP organic mayo bunch organic parsley organic sweet bell pepper [...]

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Superballs – A Healthy Super Bowl Sunday Treat for our Four Legged Friends

Superballs are a grain free, guilt free, healthy and wholesome goody for cats and dogs. You can make as many or as few as you’d like. Recipe: Thawed Pawgevity Frozen Formula of your choice Pawgevity Chewz (same protein as Formula) Take Chewz and crush into small pieces, using a roller or by hand. Form thawed [...]

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Springtime Strategies for Immunity for our Canine Friends

Posted by Victoria Farthing, DVM, CVA, CVH, Animal Wellness Center at Concord Farm [Editors note: We recommend, if you're considering any supplements, to seek the guidance of your wholistic practitioner so as to avoid unnecessary or over supplementation. Do your homework and contact the manufacturer - be sure that all the ingredients are clean and [...]

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Five Fun and Easy Fitness Tips for Your Cats and Dogs

It’s not just us humans that may have overdone it over the holidays.  Time to get our four-footed (and tripod) friends back in shape and on those paws!  Here are five easy ways: Don’t free feed. This is a surefire path to obesity.  Optimal feeding in most cases is twice per day. Release their inner [...]

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